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Bobo’s mission is to
make parenting easier, cheaper & more straightforward than
ever before. 

The Full Story

Parenthood hit us in 2020 and 2021 – a wild ride from the start.

We were right there with all new parents – trying to figure it out in a world turned upside down. Flipping through app after app, looking for something that stuck.
Everything felt more complicated than it should, and we knew we weren't alone in wishing for something better.

That's how Bobo came to life. We dreamt of a place that's all about making parenting smoother – where you can stop the endless searching and enjoy those precious moments more.



Grant's from North America, Klaudia's from Europe, and fate had us meet in the UK. Then life threw us a curveball – our first kiddo was born in Canada during lockdown. Without family or friends around, we had to navigate parenthood with just the internet for support – far from ideal.

With Bobo, we're filling in those gaps. We're creating the support network we wish we'd had, packed with not just products but also services and good, solid advice that grows with you and your little one.

This isn't about the latest fads – it's about real help for real parents, plain and simple.

Bobo is our heart and soul, a blend of our experiences and a helping hand to new parents everywhere. It's a promise that when it comes to parenting, you've got a friend who gets it.

So come on in – let's make this parenting gig a bit easier, a lot more fun, and an adventure we're all in together.

Welcome to Bobo. Your parenting partner.

Klaudia & Grant x

  • How does Bobo work?
    Bobo is not just another parenting app - it's Canada's first baby super app, a comprehensive platform curated specifically for Canadian parents, providing localized medical guidance sourced directly from provincial resources. Say goodbye to generic advice and hello to tailored insights that cater to the Canadian parenting journey, all verified by our esteemed senior medical advisory board. Key Features of the Bobo App Include: Localized Medical Resources: Bobo App aggregates localized medical information from provincial resources, offering parents and parents-to-be accurate information about pregnancy, child development, and parenting in Canada, all verified by our senior medical advisory board. Parental Check-ins: Strengthen your bond as partners with Bobo's alignment-building quizzes, designed to facilitate discussions on parenting styles, family budgets, and family commitments. Customized Content: Receive personalized content tailored to your role in the family. Mothers, partners, and support networks each receive content relevant to their specific needs and experiences. Symptom Management Tool: Track pregnancy milestones, child development, and postpartum symptoms with ease using Bobo's symptom management tool. Generate custom reports to share with your healthcare provider during prenatal, pediatric, and postpartum visits. In addition to its free features, Bobo will be launching its commercial side in mid-June. This expansion will provide all parents with access to a curated selection of local products and services that support parenting. From lactation consultants to speech pathologists and beyond, Bobo is changing the dynamic of parental support by ensuring that parents have access to the resources they need when they need them.
  • Can I request my data to be erased?
    Yes, you can ask for your data to be erased. We adhere to the right to be forgotten, ensuring that users have control over their personal information. If you would like your data to be deleted, please email us at, and we will process your request promptly and in accordance with our privacy policies. Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us.
  • How do I delete my account?
    Simply email Bobo customer care at

Let’s Work Together

Bobo is constantly looking for amazing talent from all around the world. Send us your CV and we will let you know if we have any positions available that match your profile.

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